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Life Can Be Stressful

Whether you have your own business, a family, a career or a combination, it’s hard to juggle all life’s demands.  How often do you way you wish you had another 24 hours in your day?

Add to that the 24/7 nature of our lives.  It can feel like we’re on a never ending treadmill.

Trust Your Brilliance Personal Development Workshops

The Trust Your Brilliance Workshops are small personal development workshops designed just for you.  They are regular gatherings of busy folks who want to re-connect with what’s important in their lives.

We’ve made personal development simple.  Take time.  Center.  Focus.  Discuss.  Reflect.

  • Take Time – You schedule what’s important.  Each session is 90 minutes you schedule in your calendar just for you.
  • Center – We spend time at the beginning of each class centering on you.  Once centered you’ll be able to leave the outside world behind for those 90 minutes.
  • Focus – This is time for you to focus on you.  You’re not there to solve other’s problems.  This is you time.
  • Discuss – Each workshop will have a topic that we’ll discuss.  We’ll always have something planned, but if a topic comes up that is more important to the group we’ll go with the flow.
  • Reflect – In order to absorb and bring back what you learn, you need time to reflect.  That’s why we’ll end each session with a guided meditation and time to journal your thoughts.

Tell me more…

The Trust Your Brilliance workshops are casual gatherings at Lighten-Up Wellness in Mansfield MA where you are encouraged to wear your comfy clothes, sit on the floor (or we can have chairs if needed) and work on your stuff.

Here’s a loose outline of the workshop flow:

  • Arrive and get comfortable.
  • Opening breathing and centering exercise.
  • Short guided meditation.
  • Intention setting.
  • Discussion on topic.
  • Guided meditation (longer).
  • Time to journal.

There could also be some stretching and other light activities to help open up energy channels.

What are the topics?

Topics for the discussion are designed by the group, but some personal development suggestions so far are work life balance, weight loss, caring for an aging parent, setting your business fees, having difficult conversations (personal or professional).  You get the idea.

The purpose of the workshops is to support you in what you want to achieve in your life.  There will be a suggestion box at each session where you can add to the list of topics.

What does this cost?

We’re keeping the fees for the workshop reasonable.  Each session is $16.00 or you can purchase 6 session for $75.00.  You can either order your sessions below, or pay at the time of the class.  It’s up to you.

We accept credit card through PayPal, checks made out to Jennifer Vondenbrink or of course cash.

What are the other details?

  •  Start date: Feb13, Feb 27, March 13, March 27, April 10, April 24.
  • Location: Lighten-up Wellness, 129 No. Main Street, Mansfield MA
  • Time: 5:45-7:00pm

If this is something that fits into your 2013 plans I would love to have you join us.   Complete the PayPal below, or email me your sign-up.

Looking forward to having you in class!


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