You’re Getting Warmer

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Playing Hot Cold

Remember the game Hot/Cold.  The closer you got to something the other person would yell, “You’re getting hot.”  The farther away they would yell, “You’re so cold your frozen!”

I watched a couple kids playing this the other day while I was waiting for an appointment.  It was fun to see their squeals of delight as the person got closer to the object.

I believe your soul plays the same game with you.  Since it comes from a world of peace, abundance and love, it wants you to experience this every day.  You, however, have an ego of your own who’s motivation is unrest, lack and fear.

Soul Messages

The more you listen to your ego the farther you get from your soul’s purpose.  That’s when the game kicks into gear.  Your soul starts whispering you’re getting colder.  The more you live in fear and lack the louder the messages from your soul.

Since the soul doesn’t speak in words, it’s message is felt.  Ever have that feeling of just wanting a hug.  That’s your soul speaking.  Do you yearn for more abundance in your life?  You guessed it, your soul is telling you your getting colder.

When you have these tugs at your heart, pay attention.  They  aren’t there to make you feel bad.  They are there to help guide you.

Just like the kids, your soul can’t wait until you’re, “so hot your burning up.”  How will it tell you?  You’re heart will feel so full you can’t help but share with others.

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