Yes, there is a Santa Claus

Yes, there is a santa

Yes, There Is A Santa

Do You Still Believe in Santa?

Or is that a silly question?

Part of the magic of Christmas is when the unexpected happens.  Sure it’s nice when what we want shows up, but it’s the unexpected the sparks the flame of Christmas magic.

In Search of Santa

When I started to question if the big guy existed, my heart grew heavy.  If there was no Santa, there was no Christmas.  How could that be?

I remember as clear as if it were yesterday talking to my mother in her bedroom about Santa.  I was in tears asking the question.  I so desperately wanted to believe, but a kid hears things.  My mother gave me the best gift that year.

She told me of course Santa exists.  He’s always with you and his spirit is what makes the little things happen all throughout the year.  The only thing is you have to believe to see the magic.

When You Believe – There’s Magic Everywhere

Today, I see his magic everywhere.  In the face of the Salvation Army person, or the heart of someone paying off another’s gifts.  It’s in finding that perfect gift at a ridiculously low price.  It’s coming up with something so unexpected it makes the other person cry.

A Special Visit From St. Nick

The year my mother passed away, she had everything ready for Christmas.  The gifts were wrapped.  The food was prepared.  We took special time the afternoon of Christmas to all re-gather and open her special gifts.  It was as if each had been touched by Santa personally.  We saved the hand painted gift tags with our names on it.  We cried over that perfect book.

My father opened the last gift.  In it was a small heart shaped plaque…something my mother would never have bought him, honestly.  On it was inscribed – “The Best Gift of All Is Family.”  Now if that wasn’t a message from Santa, I don’t know what is.

Santa Claus is Love

You don’t need to look for a jolly man in a red suit to believe in Santa.  All you need to do is look in your heart, just like we’re reminded in the article Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Claus. (click on the clipping to read the article)

Yes Virginia there is a santa claus

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