When I was a kid

Life Simplified - When I was a kid...

When I was a kid I wanted to be an archeologist. I loved the whole dinosaur thing that is until I scared myself silly one time imagining that a dinosaur was in my backyard.

As I grew up, the notion of becoming an archeologist (or marine biologist) seemed to give way to more conventional ideas – advancing my career and business stuff.

What I loved about the idea of being an archeologist was the research, the history, the details and writing about what their world was like.

I still love those things whether they have to do with archeology or life. The difference is now I’m not following the path that everyone said is the way to go. Instead I’m tapping into these lost passions and bringing them (and myself) to life every day. Now instead of researching dinosaurs, I’m researching new ways for people to create meaningful lives or more learn about social media. I’m diving into those details and “ta da” I get to write about it.

So think back to when you were a kid and see what you loved to do. Are these part of you path today? If not ask yourself why.

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