What If Packing

what if packing

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Packing For Vacation

I packed way too much for this year’s vacation.  Clothes, books, notebooks, etc. are all being packed back up for the trip home never touched.

What was I thinking?

Ask my family.  I’m usually a minimal packer.  Not this year.

What If Packing 

Before I left, I kept thinking, “What if?”  “What if I needed more sunscreen?  What if I didn’t like the books I chose?  What if it rained and I had nothing to do?  What if I ran out of paper?”

These questions seem silly reading them now.  I would have survived.

I could have asked, “what was I afraid of?”

All That Stuff

In hindsight I realize I was afraid of being alone.  As much as I looked forward to this solitary vacation, it was unknown territory.  I’d never spent 2 weeks alone like this.

The stuff represented a comfortable nest I could fall back into like a warm bed. If I felt bad, I could turn to my favorite movie, book, notebook and cuddle up.

Didn’t Need It

Most of the stuff  could have stayed in the car because I didn’t need it.  This time alone was time for rest, reflection and reorientation.  All of which I achieved without my security blanket.

“What if” is the language of fear.  It’s your inner voice trying to protect you by allowing you to imagine the worst case scenarios. How many times have you gone in circles saying “what if” and none of the situations manifested themselves.  Yep, that’s what I thought.

“What if” doesn’t identify what you are afraid of.

Lesson Learned

The most valuable lesson I learned is stuff doesn’t make you feel better.  It’s just heavy baggage.  It doesn’t protect you from your fears.  Only identifying them and facing them positively will give you perspective.

Are You Packing For Vacation?

Look at what you’re bringing on your next vacation.  Ask yourself why you’re bringing each item.  Do you need it?  You may be surprised at the fears you didn’t realize you were packing.

Now I’m off to re-pack my car with all this stuff.  Take my advice.  Look at what you have packed and put away half.  You’ll be happier I promise.  Especially as you pack up to go home.

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