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Exercise in Gratitude

Today I’m kicking off 365 days (or more) of gratitude.  I’m the first to admit that although I believe in gratitude and expressing it, I am not always the best in doing so.  When I forget about being grateful, I notice things don’t seem as joy filled as they are when I do.  So I intend to make it a habit to express my gratitude daily.

There will be days like today, that I will write about my gratitude here.  But I know there will be days when I forget, don’t have time or get a little crazy.  What I will commit to is posting on Twitter everyday no matter what.  You can follow me at @JVsimplified or hashtag #dailygratitude.

One of the reasons I want to write about my gratitude is I find more power in exploring why I’m grateful.  You can’t always do that in 140 characters.  It also allows me to share my gratitude in more places like Pinterest, Instagram @JVsimplified, and Facebook.

Day One – Warmth of  Home, Family and a bowl of New England Clam Chowdah

Today is the coldest day of the year.  It was -10 this morning when I woke up and the house took 2 hours to get up to a reasonable temperature.  Brrrr.

I am grateful for the warmth coming out of my heaters and my fake fireplace.  I am grateful for the warmth coming from my oven.  I am grateful for my hot cup of tea and the warmth of my New England clam chowder I had for lunch.

Today is also the day my Dad came home from the hospital after nearly a week’s stay.  He was grumpy, but I’m grateful he is healing and for my sister and brother-in-law.  Their love and support is the biggest source of warmth in my day.

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