Time Management Equals Self Management

time management equals self management
Time Management Lesson

Back in the day I didn’t manage my time well.  I worked way too many hours thinking I would be done sometime.  Of course, that never happened.

A good friend and my boss at the time, recommended I get some help.  Together we attended a Franklin Covey seminar.  I was hooked.  I didn’t want to be a crazy person any more.  My planner seemed to have all the answers.

Then real life stepped in.  All my great aspirations flew out the window.  Old habits kicked in. Even with the shiny new planner, I found myself starting to spin out of control.

There’s No Such Think As Time

No matter what I tried, new job, new planner, new resolutions nothing seemed to make a difference until I had a shift in perception…time management doesn’t exist. It is a made up way to control things.  You know even when Daylight Savings starts with it’s extra hour, by the end of the day things are back to normal.

Time management is truly self management.  It isn’t about squeezing more into the minutes of the day.  Instead it’s about setting boundaries, delegating tasks and letting stuff go.  I think that’s why so many time management programs don’t work.  You focus on the system, but don’t make the internal changes to match.

My advice is to take the David Allen approach.  Clear your desk.  Put all the stuff on it in a pile.  Go through the pile and find a place for each thing.  Get rid of the stuff that’s been on your to do list for the last 6 months by either scheduling time to do it or deleting it.

Be Realistic With Your Schedule

That’s another thing.  If you’re going to schedule time to do stuff, be realistic.  Before you start, put all the stuff that’s already been planned on the calendar, even travel time.  Don’t forget the personal things like picking up the kids from sports, making dinner and doing laundry.

Now you’re ready to add in the items from your pile.  Be smart about where you want to put them.  Just because you want to get them done quickly doesn’t mean everything goes on Monday.

By the time you do this, you’ll have a better idea of what is really important, what you need to let go and what you’re going to have to find someone else to do.

Remember time management doesn’t exist.  It’s all about managing yourself.  It’s a bigger task, but I think you’re up for it.


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