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Meditation – A Holiday Gift For Yourself

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Meditation Your Personal Holiday Gift

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To most people I appear to be a fairly calm, centered person.  I would have to agree…with one exception.  It’s when I meditate. ~ Lynn Robinson

Meditation, Easier said than done

You hear meditation is the key to peace.  I’ve even written about that.  Let’s be real, how easy is it to calm your mind.  If Lynn Robinson an intuition expert has trouble along with Wayne Dyer, how can you expect to be perfect.

It is true, when you take moments to center and be quiet, you open up channels of energy and creativity.  It’s just getting there that’s the hard part.

Start Your Practice During This Holiday Season

Your schedule always seems to be hectic.  During the holidays it’s out of control.  Why is this the time to start a meditation practice?

The answer…a holiday season with meaning.  Isn’t that what you’re striving for with all your preparations.  Why not spend a few moments a day preparing yourself?

Where to Meditate

The other day I talked about my car meditation.  It seems this year, that’s been the best place for me to get quiet and meditate.  When I do, my gratitude and love meter instantly rises.  As I walk into a client’s office, a holiday party or the next store for one of my endless errands, I feel centered.  People seem to smile at me more.  I have wonderful conversations with people.  I notice more love around me.

I realize you may not have quiet car moments because you’re traveling with a bunch of kids or taking a conference call.  Another place to find meditation time, according to Lynn Robinson in her book Listen is before you get out of bed in the morning.

Set the alarm fifteen to thirty minutes earlier, then sit up in bed, pile some pillows under and around you, and begin to meditate.

She also recommends to spend a little time after your morning meditation envisioning your day.  How do you want it to flow?  I do this on a regular basis.  The mental rehearsal of envisioning your day, creates a path for you to follow.  Each time I do this, my day runs more smoothly and things just seem to turn out the way I saw them.

Meditation Your Special Gift

Starting a meditation practice during the holidays may seem counter intuitive.  It is however one of the best gifts you can give yourself for the year to come.

Meditation is part of my daily routine.  I’m centered.


You Can Choose Peace For The Holidays

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Choosing Peace for the Holidays

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You can consciously decide to be happy, loving, fulfilled, generous, peaceful, contented, spiritual, joyous, calm, festive, and emotionally connected to the important people in your life for the holidays this year.

Or you can, unconsciously, choose to be a wreck.  ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Peaceful Kickoff

This was taken from yesterday’s or December 8th’s entry in Simple Abundance.  I loved it as the kick off to our affirmations and inspirations about peace.

During the holiday season, you hear a lot about peace, but don’t see (or feel) a lot of it. Throughout the day, your to do list seems to get longer with every errand you do rather than shorter.

You Have The Power To Choose Peace

What Sarah reminds us is that you and only you have the power to choose peace over chaos.

If you find yourself blaming others for your chaos, take a moment, think about what you can control and what you can’t.  In many cases you are in more control of the chaos than you think.

Say you’re going to your in-laws for Christmas.  It’s always such a hectic day.  Every year you dread it a little more.  You can’t change the fact you’re going to your in-laws, but you can control how you mentally prepare for the day.  Can you see the day from a different angle?  Can you introduce something of you into the celebration?  Can you visualize a happy visit rather than a miserable one?

Each of these acts returns you to peace.  Instead of spending your precious energy worrying about the day, let it go.  Bless it.  Make the best of it.  See where you can interject love instead of anxiety.

Other Tactics..including a few quiet minutes

Visiting in-laws isn’t the only stressor, as you well know.  Other tactics could be editing your traditions, making a realistic gift list not an obligation gift list or taking a few quiet minutes during the day to return to peace.

Traffic Meditation

I did this yesterday on the ride to a client.  It was about a 40 minute drive.  I decided to use the time for my daily meditation.  I turned off the radio with it’s constant reminders to buy, buy, buy.  Then I started simple gratitude statements. I was grateful my father returned home safely from his trip, for my sister’s wonderful friendship and encouragement, for my mother’s unfailing belief in me, for the love of my extended family.  When I arrived at my client, my heart was so full of peace and joy, it didn’t matter that I’d sat in traffic for the entire time.  I was even grateful for the traffic!

Taking a few quiet moments to do a meditation like this may seem impossible, but try it.  Try it standing in line at the store, post office or bank.  Try it in traffic like me.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it will help you control the chaos and find peace again.

I control the chaos.  I choose peace.

Sometimes Love is Seen Only From A Step Back

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Stepping Away to See Love

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Okay, so how’s it going?

We’re a little more than two weeks before the holiday week.  Are you like me, every day mentally checking off this list that doesn’t seem to end?  This must feel like what Santa feels right about now…two weeks to go and still a lot of naughty and nice names to go through.

In the middle of your hectic day, it’s hard to step away.

But that’s exactly what needs to happen in order to enjoy the holidays.  Like a squirrel scampering around trying to gather acorns, you can’t see the love of the season with your nose buried in your list.

Tonight I’ll be attending my favorite event of the season.  It’s a holiday gathering where we bring gifts for kids and seniors.  We catch up about the year.  Talk about what’s to come and enjoy each others company.

Yesterday I was in line at the store with my list.  The last two things to cross off were gift cards for my senior presents.  As I purchased the gift cards, I had a moment when I mentally stepped away from all my to dos.

Example of love

The store was full of holiday shoppers like myself, head down focused on achieving the next check mark on the list.  Then I saw this older couple.

They carefully pushed their cart, which held a few cans of soup and cat food.  They were talking and smiling at each other.  It was as if they were the only two people in the store.  As I watched, the gentleman touched his wife on the shoulder and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.  They didn’t have much in their cart, but they were surrounded by love.

A Gift From Strangers

I’m glad I took that moment to step back from everything swirling around me.  My heart filled with love just watching the couple.  They gave me a special gift.  I looked at the meager gift cards in my hand.  That’s all my seniors want?  A few dollars for food?  Where’s the love?

Love Filled Cookies

That’s why last night I baked a special batch of cookies and put together two beautiful gift baskets for these ladies.  I made sure to bake a lot of love into each batch of cookies.  When they cooled, I packaged them up like individual gifts with ribbons and bows.  I don’t even know these women, but I want them to feel the love when they get their gifts.

Make sure you stop for a minute today.  Look up from your phone or computer or list.  Catch a glimpse of the love that’s around you. That’s what makes us stretch just a little bit farther and become more of who we really are.

I see love everywhere.  I give love to all.

Hitting the Notes of Love at the Holidays

What inspires you at the holidays?

For me it’s the music.  I can’t wait to turn on my Christmas music.  Usually I start with strictly classical and then as we roll into the season, I change to more contemporary music.  As some of you know, I’ve even been known to dip into the Christmas music off season as a quick pick me up.

What is it about the music of the holidays that raises my spirits?

It’s love.  The essence of the lyrics are always about love.  If you are fortunate to attend a live concert during the holidays, you can feel the love throughout the performance space.

A few years ago, I attended a wonderful folksy Christmas concert here in Boston.  The pinnacle of the evening was when the performers asked the audience to join them in singing a few well known carols.  Thinking about it right now, I’m tearing up!

The Power of Hundreds of Voices

Picture hundreds of people joining together in voice to sing about love.  The energy in the room skyrocketed.  You saw couples embrace while singing, older people smile at younger people and kids clapping along.  Talk about raising your spirit.  You couldn’t leave the space without a smile on your face.

What’s Your Inspiration?

Maybe it’s not music for you.  Maybe it’s the food, a Yule log, traditions or a favorite decoration.  Whatever it is, acknowledge the love energy it holds for you.  Celebrate it.  Recognize the shift in energy when you engage with your holiday muse.

Love is certainly all around us all year long, but in this season we’re especially lucky that the world tries to embrace a simple concept at the same time…even if it’s only for an instant.

Enjoy this one of the latest Christmas Flash Mobs from November 2011

Love surrounds me ever day.  I celebrate it in the little things during the holidays.

Keeping Christmas In Your Heart

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Keeping Christmas In Your Heart All Year Long

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He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  ~Roy L. Smith

Scrooge Always Makes Me Cry

I was watching Scrooge the other night.  Right on cue, I started crying when Scrooge wakes up to discover he hasn’t missed Christmas after all. I don’t know if it’s the journey you take with Scrooge or if it’s the feeling his joy, but I can’t help but tear up.

It’s not like I don’t know the end of the story.  Like you, I’ve seen it a million times.  The tears flow when I see love enter Scrooge’s world for the first time maybe since he was a boy.

Love Is Christmas

I think that’s what’s meant by having “Christmas in your heart.”  It’s that constant feeling of love you carry in your heart during the Holiday Season.

Love opens your heart to think beyond the day to day.  You find yourself dropping coins in the Salvation Army kettle, treating the person behind you in line at the coffee shop to their coffee or donating gifts to kids or seniors in need.

Where does this love go throughout the year?

One of the quotes from Scrooge that sticks with me well after December 25th is, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”  That’s one thing I try to do.

When the tree comes down, the lights go out and the feast has been eaten, I try to keep Christmas in my heart.  Some people laugh when I mention Christmas in April, but again from Scrooge,

“…for he was wise enough to know that nothing ever happened on this globe, for good, at which some people did not have their fill of laughter in the outset…”

Keeping The Love In Your Heart All Year Long

Keeping the love you find at Christmas just a little longer than the required December 25 could possibly change your 2012.  Something to ponder over the upcoming weeks.

I keep the love of Christmas in my heart year round.

Wrapping Your Gifts In Love

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Wrapping Your Gifts In Love

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What Makes Christmas Special?

Me: “Mom what do you like most about Christmas?”

Mom: “I like watching you girls open your presents.  Actually I like that even more than getting presents.”

That was from a conversation my Mom and I had on our last Christmas together.  I’ll never forget it.  I was setting up their Christmas Tree and she was cooking.  When I asked her this question, she stopped what she was doing and came into the living room.  We talked for a while about what made Christmas so special.

Dive Into Love

It all came down to stepping outside of ourselves, and diving into the love and excitement of each other.  Mom did so much for us during the holidays.  She never forgot the small touches.  A favorite dish for my brother in law, favorite music for me, lots of tradition for my sister, and my nephews…well that’s a tradition all in itself.

What I learned from my mother and grandmother was how a small special touch makes the difference.  I also learned being present in the moment helps you relish each person’s joy.  Because of this, our Christmas Eve present celebration can take hours as we go around from person to person while they open one gift at a time and we all “Ooo” and “Ahhh” over their treasure.

Wrapping Your Gifts In Love This Year

When you’re giving a gift this season or any time of year, take the time to be present with the person when they open it.  Send them lots of love beyond the gift.  You’ll find even the simplest of gifts will be treasured for a lifetime.

I wrap each gift this season in love.

Love Is All You Need

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Love Is All You Need

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Your Christmas List

Have you written your Christmas List yet?

I sat down the other night not to write about what I want, but what I have.  It was incredibly empowering, and talk about being grateful for the small things.  My list made that evident.

What made each entry on the list special, was the amount of love attached to it.

Taking Love For Granted

You can take for granted all the love in your life to a point you can’t see it any more.  It becomes background noise to the drama of the day.  But think about it, what if there was no, absolutely no, love in your life?

Where would you find refuge from the storms of life?  Where would you find comfort in your sadness?  Where would you be able to let your hair down and as my grandmother used to say, “just fall apart?”  Love provides all of those special places we can over look.  Then when we need them, they may be hard to see.

A Friend’s Love

My father got a call the other night and one of his best friends growing up died.  It’s not unusual for this to happen, but they live in Cincinnati Ohio.  My father’s first reaction was,”I need to get there.  I need to be with them.”  If that doesn’t scream love, I don’t know what does.  He was willing to drive nearly 1,000 miles to be with his friend’s family during this difficult time.

He probably hadn’t thought of this friend in months.  When the call came though, it sparked the deep love he had for his friend.

Don’t Forget To Add The Love

Don’t let someone you love go without a call, email or card this season.  Even if that’s all you do, you’ll be reminding them how much they mean to you.

Love is really all you need on your list.  Feel blessed when you receive that special gift this season.  Even better, make sure it’s part of each gift you give to others.

I put love at the top of my Christmas list this year.

Love At Work – A Sacred Trust

Life Simplified: Bring Love to Work

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Management is, in fact, a sacred trust in which the well-being of other people is put in your care during most of their waking hours. ~ James A. Autry, Love and Profit

Moving From Gratitude To Love

Today we move from gratitude to love during our Holiday Affirmations.  Today’s affirmation and quote was inspired from an amazing experience I had yesterday at the registry of motor vehicles of all places.

Bringing Love To Work Every Day

You spend most of your waking hours at work.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, retail shop owner, corporate executive, or stay at home Mom/Dad (or any combination of the above), you spend more than 8 hours a day consumed with work.  If you aren’t physically at work, you may be thinking about work or taking it home.

That’s why I wanted to share the importance of bringing love (and gratitude) with you on the job.

Love At The Registry of Motor Vehicles?

Yesterday, I had to update my car registration.  On my way to the registry I gave thanks for what was to come, and sent a lot of love ahead of me to help me through the process since I didn’t know exactly what I was doing.

As I stood in line, I could feel the anxiety around me.  People muttered to themselves about the line length, needing more staff and the interruption to their day.  I refused to join in the negativity even when prodded by the person in front of me to join his complaining.

My Holiday Angel

When I got to the woman who was going to eventually be my holiday angel, we exchanged very pleasant greetings and I explained I had no idea what I was doing.  With a smile, she took me under her wing and guided me through the process that included a couple of steps.  Never once did she make me re-stand in line or push me aside for another.

She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me yesterday.  Not only giving me and my insurance company her personal email address to get documents, but when that didn’t work actually allowing me to access the documents from my own email from her computer.

This woman radiated love at work.  Not only to me, but to every person she served in line and her co-workers.  In addition to her duties she also had to answer the phone.  Never once did I hear her lose her patience with someone on the phone, even when I heard her answer the same question many times.

You Sacred Trust

When we bring love to work, our day becomes about caring for all those we touch.  As James Autry says this is a sacred trust.  When we think of it that way, each day takes on new meaning.

As your work week may be winding up, think today how you can bring love to everyone you touch.  Warning: some amazing things may happen.

I send love to all the people I touch today during my work day.

Living In Gratitude Every Day

Life Simplified: Living in Gratitude Every Day

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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~ John F. Kennedy

Living in Gratitude

Living in gratitude.  Seems a simple feat.  In this day, and perhaps others before it, living in gratitude seems a lost art.  You respect people you meet who live in Gratitude.  Practicing, however, can be tricky.

Why is that?

Media = Want Not Gratitude

I’m focusing today on the effects of media since it is the holiday season.  There is no other time of year when gratitude for what you have takes a back seat to the void you see between yourself and what’s being advertised on television.  Currently there’s even a commercia saying don’t you wish your phone could do all of those cool things other people’s phones can do.

We All Feel It

Admit it.  You’ve felt the pang of lack be it the latest gadget, e-reader, tablet, phone, car, etc. this time of year.  All the flashy new stuff bombards you on the radio, television and internet.  It’s hard to hold appreciation for what you have when you’re being told all about the next best thing.

I don’t watch much television, but during this time of year I do enjoy the Christmas movies.  Their messages are simple, but love filled.  What distracts me are the ads in between.  At one moment I’m thinking how great it would be do give to a charity helping kids with cancer and the next I’m told I better run out right now and buy the latest thing because the store is having it’s “lowest price of the season.”

Appreciate What You Have

Living in gratitude means appreciating everything around you.  When you are fully living in gratitude, the outside media doesn’t effect you.  You know you have enough, actually for most of us more than enough.

To help me balance and return to gratitude, I went through my house this weekend.  I had beautiful music playing in the background.  In taking inventory, I realized I have tons to be grateful for and really don’t “need” anything.  I pulled out some boxes.  I ended up filling four of them with things I thought other people could use that I wasn’t using any more.  Monday morning they were picked up.  Now their energy circulates again.

Spread The Gratitude

We’re coming to the end of our gratitude series of blogs.  I encourage you to look around your house.  Say a prayer of gratitude for what you already have.  Do this several times and you’ll realize you have way more than you need.  Take some of your surplus and donate it to charities that can use it.  There are people who need what you have stuffed in the back of your closet.  Help them have a happy Holiday Season.

Living in gratitude can be contagious, so be careful.  You might spread it to others.  How do you live in gratitude during the holidays?

Become Your Own Secret Santa

Life Simplified: Be Your Own Secret Santa

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Go on a rampage of appreciation for all you have, all that you are, and all that you observe…You can’t feel stressed and appreciative at the same time. ~ Wayne Dyer

Stress Relief

Gratitude and appreciation are the surest stress relievers I’ve ever found.  Whenever I’m in a stressful moment, I take a step back and realize I’m the person causing the stress.  No one outside of myself is saying, “Get stressed.”  I’m the person with the inner dialogue of expectations that’s causing the stress.

What is isn’t always what will be

When you take a moment and give thanks for everything around you, you realize right now things aren’t as bad as you were making them out to be.  For example if you’re worried about paying those January credit card bills, once you realize you don’t even know what those will be yet there is a sigh of relief.  Right now in this moment things are paid.

A Sigh of Relief

Gratitude and appreciate give you time to breathe.  They allow the constant inner chatter to stop for a moment and you can take in just what is.  Is the sun shining?  Smile at it.  Is your favorite holiday song on in the car?  Sing along.  Got a stack of cards to get out?  Think about each person as you write the card and give thanks for them being in your life.

You Are Your Own Secret Santa

Think of gratitude and appreciation as secret gifts you’re giving yourself.  You are your own Secret Santa.  No one has to know (but everyone will with the smile on your face!)

I love the image of a rampage of appreciation!  Try it today.  Go wild and love on everything you have, are and see!

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