Spring Forward: A Call From Mother Nature

Spring Forward

photo credit: waldzen via flickr

Spring Forward

Spring unofficially arrived this weekend with daylight savings time.

Over the past several weeks, I noticed hints of Spring.  Birds singing in the morning.  Days staying light until after 5pm.  Sprouting bulbs.

Spring’s Difference

Spring is different than other seasons.  It’s exciting.  It’s rejuvenating.  It’s refreshing. It’s like waking up from a good dream with sunshine in your eyes.

Spring is about new beginnings.  The rest of the year is for maturing, but Spring invites you to be creative.

A Spring Forward

Better than a New Year’s Resolution, a Spring Forward has momentum.  The energy is right.  Nature conspires with you achieve your desires.  Take advantage of it.

The dreams you set in motion in January were merely seeds.  Following Mother Nature’s guidance, it’s time to tend your internal garden; to water it, give it sunlight and gleefully rejoice at the bright green shoots appearing on the surface.

Remember the seedlings of your dreams are fragile in this season.  Carefully nurture them.  Don’t expose them to the harsh criticism of your routine internal dialogue.  Instead surround them with the love and energy the require to grow.

Dance and Celebrate

Spring is the time to dance and celebrate, to be curious and daring, and to be youthful.

Don’t hold back.  Tap into the natural energy around you.  Take risks.  Then take action on your dreams.

All of this simply from changing the clocks.  Isn’t that wonderful!


Spring Forward: Trust Your Brilliance


Join us this for a Trust Your Brilliance Workshop to nourish your internal garden.

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