Peacefully Follow Your Bliss

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Peacefully Follow Your Bliss

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Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell

Holiday Bliss?

I don’t see many people following their bliss as Joseph Campbell recommends.  Instead I see a lot of hectic, frantic, panicked shoppers out there list in hand searching for the perfect gift.  And yes there are moments when I’m one of them.

Fortunately when I feel out of control, I return to this quote.

Stress and Bliss Don’t Mix

See, you can’t follow your bliss when you’re stressed.  Bliss and Stress can’t coexist in the same world.

To follow your bliss, you must find those moments of peace we’ve been talking about all week.  Once you quiet your brain focus on gratitude, love and peace, bliss naturally follows.

Bliss Opens the Doors

As Campbell reminds us, the Universe reacts positively to bliss.  It literally opens doors where you couldn’t see them only a moment before.

Today I decided to follow my bliss.  After a great meeting in the morning I had a lull between clients.  I decided to take advantage of the time and finish up my Christmas shopping.  Bliss followed me wherever I went.  The “just right” gifts presented themselves to me, in budget and without a lot of searching.

My bliss was contagious to others too.  A grumpy sales associate at more than one store smiled after I left.  What better gift can you give someone.  Even the meter man got a bag of cookies as I swung into the house just in time for my next call.

A Blissful Secret

When you peacefully choose bliss, you notice others who have done the same.  Today I caught the eye of a blissful shopper or two.  We smiled and nodded to each other, complete strangers yet sharing a secret.

Give Up The Fear

Fear and anxiety may at first feel more energizing, but they are only zapping you of your energy.  Finding peace means you’ll radiate bliss and finish your day more energized than when you started.

I peacefully follow my bliss today and every day throughout the year.

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