How To Travel Peacefully This Holiday Season

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I love to travel

Seeing new places is so exciting.  I feel alive when I’m in a new environment.  Coming home, however, can be the most exhausting part of the trip.

If you’re traveling through this holiday season, I’m sure you can relate.  Whether it’s traffic, airport delays or train delays, you can lose all of your trip enthusiasm sitting in a terminal for 6 hours.

That is unless you plan for it.

In another life, I traveled a fair bit for work.  I learned a couple tricks to make sure my time in airports was peaceful, sane and actually enjoyable.  Here are some things you might try:

  • Do your holiday cards.  One trip I brought my holiday cards and between flights wrote them out. Airports usually have mailboxes so bring your stamps and check off a holiday to do.
  • Bring a favorite book.  Be it a holiday book, or just a favorite read, immerse yourself in the book not only during flights but between flights.  It will make you feel like you watched a movie the entire time.
  • Talk with someone interesting.  People traveling have wonderful stories to share.  Ask someone interesting about their trip.  Live in their adventure for a while.  I mean look at the picture above…was this Steve Jobs…now there’s an interesting conversation.
  • Get some shopping done.  One year, I knew I was traveling through the Cincinnati airport.  Since our family is from there, I found a couple of great stores and surprised my family with treats from Cincinnati without ever leaving the airport.
  • Download a feel good movie (or two).  On my 6 hour trip home from Seattle, I downloaded a couple favorite Christmas movies.  Since the plane didn’t offer anything, not only were they entertainment, but they kept me in the holiday spirit.
  • Do something nice for someone.  Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the airport Starbucks.  Wish the person at the news stand a happy holiday (and mean it…look them in the eyes and say it), help an older person with their luggage.  This all adds to the positive feeling of the holidays.

Traveling Is An Adventure

Traveling can be a chore or it can be an adventure.  You decide.  I have to say in the years of traveling and the hours of delays, I never had a bad experience.  With these tools in mind you too can travel peacefully and carry a little bit of the holiday spirit to others.

I choose to travel peacefully and lovingly during the holidays.

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