A Little Mindfulness

A little mindfulness

photo credit: Muffet via flickr

Before your day gets off to a roaring start, stop and take a moment.

Give thanks for another day.

Kiss a loved one.

Welcome the day with a small routine which could just be drinking your tea or coffee in a morning quiet moment.

Think about something that makes you smile from your liver.


Walk outside barefoot.

Set your intention for the day.

Affirm what you want to happen, not what you don’t.

Look at all around you with gratitude.

Listen to beautiful music.

Cuddle with someone you love, even if it’s just you snuggling down under the blankets while you greet the day.

Starting your day with a little mindfulness makes all the difference in the world.  It doesn’t have to take hours of meditation to create peace in your life.  Instead it comes from the small quiet mindful habits of gratitude and love you bring to the day.

“I am loved.  Only good lies before me.”

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