Lessons From This Year’s Gingerbread House

Lessons from the gingerbread house


Creating A Gingerbread House

This weekend I built a Gingerbread House…and it was kind of like having a kid.

I know its a weird analogy, but here’s why.

Several months ago, I agreed to make another gingerbread house this year.  I’ve done this in the past for my nephews to decorate, but after last year’s failed attempt to engage them, I decided, I would do one from beginning to end by myself.  I was excited to create something pretty instead of something the boys spent 10 minutes decorating.

I planned, scheduled and finally Saturday came.  I had all the ingredients.  I set aside the time so I began.  Baking is magic to me because you take ordinary ingredients that on their own don’t mean much.  Then they end up as a spicy dough ready to be rolled out.

The rolling, measuring and baking all went fine.

Next…assembly.  It was painful!  I’d get two walls up and try to add a third and it would collapse in on itself.  I even got all the pieces to work together and when I put the last roof piece up, I noticed one of the walls falling inward.  Apart it came again.   I worked for 6 hours and finally all but one piece was in place.  Not taking any chances, I left it alone until morning.

Sunday morning at 6:00am I was back at it.  I couldn’t sleep.  I had to get the last roof piece up.  Once I did, I walked away for 4 hours just to make sure I wouldn’t nudge it out of place.

It Stayed Up!

When I came into the kitchen around 10:00 it was all still in one piece.  Phew!  Onto decorating.

As I placed each candy on the house, it started to come together.  My creative juices were flowing.  In addition to the house, I added a meringue stone fence, skating pond and outdoor Christmas tree.

I delivered it to my sister’s house later that day for our Christmas table.  Once it was on it’s own away from the chaos of my kitchen, all the pain and misery I felt the night before was gone.  The house was beautiful, especially when we plugged in the light I installed.

All Creation Is A Little Uncomfortable

The moral of the story is, having a kid isn’t easy and neither is creating anything.  It takes patience, love and commitment.  There’s bound to be a bit of pain in the process, but in the end you’re left with something unique that never existed before.  Just something to think about as we head into the holidays and new year.

I apply patience, love and commitment to all I do.  In return, I achieve success.

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