Intuition – An Experiment


Intuition - An Experiement

Challenging and enlightening day yesterday.  Don’t you love that combination.

I want to talk a bit about intuition (probably because I listened and didn’t listen to it yesterday with mixed results).  I’m lucky because I’ve learned over time and through my work to tap into this sense.  When I do, I magically glide into this other experience.  Things become easier, what I need shows up and life feels joyous.

But I get these notions all the time and don’t act on them.  The secret is as soon as you have the sense of something you are suppose to act on it.  When I don’t, they nag at me.  When I finally do, the result is not always perfect.

For the next 24 hours, I want to act on new intuitions as they occur and see what happens.  The worst thing is that nothing happens and tomorrow morning I’m in the same place.

This should be an interesting experiment.

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