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That was my first thought when I say this.  An actual ad getting people to eat lard.  Sounds incredible to us today, but back then, this was “good advice.”

Let’s say you have a great Aunt Millie who was alive during that time. Do you think she still thinks eating lard will make you happy?  Maybe she does.  Yikes, that’s scary.

Our Critical Mind

When we listen to our critical mind, it’s like listening to great Aunt Millie.  Your critical thoughts have been formed not just over your life time, but over generations.  Some information is valuable (don’t touch hot stove). Other information (eat lard to be happy) doesn’t make sense any more.

What would happen if you were sad and great Aunt Millie suggested you eat lard.  You’d probably roll your eyes and say, “Okay Aunt Millie.  I’ll have to try that,” never intending to eat one ounce of lard.

Unfortunately we don’t apply the same rules to our critical mind.  When it says something crazy like “Are You Good Enough?” we pay attention.  We even take action on that thought.


What If Aunt Millie Ran Your Family or Business?

Think of the consequences if you put great Aunt Millie in charge of your family, your business, or if she lived with you and you had to do everything she said.  You could be eating lard every day.  I know that doesn’t sound logical, but when you listen and take action on your critical thought without examining them, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Welcome it

I’m going to suggest you welcome those critical thoughts.  Accept they’re part of you.  Don’t let it run crazy in the background dictating your actions.  Once you accept them (which doesn’t mean act on them, it just means listen), your critical voice looses effect.  You begin to see some of it’s warnings are false.  They served you and your family well in the past, but they don’t apply any more.

Walk Away

Let’s say great Aunt Millie did come to live with you.  You accept her.  You welcome her.  When she starts talking about lard, however, what do you do.  Smile, nod and walk away.  You chalk her suggestions up to her past experience.  You realize they aren’t relevant to your life today.  You don’t buy lard and you’re okay with that.

How To Live With Your Critical Mind

The same can happen with the critical voice.

  • Listen to what it says.
  • Ask, is this true?
  • If the advice is inaccurate, continue on your path. The conflict is gone.

Next Time

When your critical voice says, “Are You Good Enough?’  Answer, “I am thank you.”  Then confidently excuse yourself, grab a glass of lemonade and throw the lard in the trash.


Photo credit: Ravinsmagiclantern via Flickr under creative commons license



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