Giving a Little. Loving a Lot.

Giving A Little.  Loving a Lot

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What was Christmas like when you were a kid?

For some of you it might have been magical, but for others the holidays can be times when want is felt more than joy, disappointment more than happiness and tears over take smiles.

When Christmas Hurts

If this week is difficult for you, my heart is there for you.  My arms are open for a virtual hug.  My kitchen open for a chat over some cookies and tea.

Not all Christmas’s have been happy for me.  There have been years when I lost the spirit and couldn’t remember what box I’d packed it away in.  I’ve been there.  I know.

A Secret…Giving

This weekend I was reminded of a small tactic that can help.  It’s the theme of all the Christmas movies…giving selflessly to another.

When you dedicate part of the holiday season for helping others, it can’t help but raise your spirit.  If it’s spending time at your child’s school, working with your church to help your community, or just lending a hand when someone needs it.

Small Selfless Acts

These small acts can give you a reason to get out in the world without going to the mall.  You get to deliver the most unique and precious gift you have, yourself, to others. Sometimes it’s one small act that can cause a chain reaction to give even more.

Selflessness is the key, however.  You can’t do it with a motive.  You can’t do it because you feel obligated.  The magic doesn’t work if you do that.  Instead focus on one person and just help.  When you do, without expectations, you’ll feel 100 times lighter when you’re done.

Yesterday I shared what my grandfather used to do.  What can you do this week to bring a little Christmas joy to one person?  I’d love to hear.

Giving selflessly is a regular part of my holiday tradition.

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