Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Remember when the holidays were the most magical time of the year?

They still can be when we tap into that little girl or boy living deep within us.

Let Your Inner Child Out

It’s not often we can publicly display our inner child, but at the holidays it’s totally acceptable.  What did you like most about the holidays?  Was it the lights?  The music?  The cookies?

Tap into those passions and rediscover the joy in them again this week.  I’ll bet you can’t help yourself from giggling out loud.

Playing Hide and Seek With Your Inner Child

If you’ve been in your adult skin too long, you may have trouble touching base with that 5 year old inside.  I have a remedy for that as well.  Go hang out with kids.  At my old office this past year, they had a bunch of kindergarten children come and sing Christmas carols.  Just the pictures melted my heart.  It may be too late to orchestrate something like that at your office, but I’m sure there’s a school something happening this week.  Try the libraries too.  Story hour is a great time to watch the amazement in a child’s face as they hear a treasured story for the first time.

Those don’t work for you?

How about watching your favorite Christmas kids show.  Two of mine are Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and The Little Drummer Boy.  I also have been known to sing along with the Muppets Christmas Carol.  You be those are on the television as I’m wrapping the fun gifts I bought for my nephews.

Be Careful…You Might Find Magic

Getting in touch with your inner child will open your eyes to the magic and joy of the season beyond the mall, traffic and last minute errands.  Tonight take a ride just to enjoy the lights or go caroling.  In our town we have a town sing along on Thursday.  My inner child can’t wait to go.  Wanna come?

I tap into my inner child to enjoy the magic of the holidays.

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