The Magic of Fairy Tales,Toys, and Oranges

Holiday Affirmations: Life Simplified - Fairy Tales, Toys and Oranges

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From now until the end of the year we’re going to explore Joy.

Genetically Wired For Christmas Joy

When I share my passion for Christmas and all it stands for, most people think I’m a little nuts.  I can’t help it.  It’s genetic.

I already shared how much my mother loved Christmas, but so did her parents.  One year I asked my grandmother why she loved Christmas.

Fairy Tales and Toys

She said Christmas was such a perfect time of year for her and my grandfather.  She loved fairy tales and my grandfather loved toys.  They both believed in generosity.  When they combined these, they had many joy filled Christmas’s

Christmas At Grandpa’s Shop

To make sure our Christmas gene was activated, each year my grandfather brought all the grandchildren and usually the Dad’s to his office.  There we stuffed bags with candy and oranges.  One of the guys dressed up as Santa.  Then they stood in front of the shop and gave the bags to the neighborhood kids.

Of course we all went kicking and screaming.  Now when I look back, I realize how precious that day was.  We were taught wonderful lessons of selfless giving and abundant joy over simple things.

One year my grandfather took a couple of us older children to deliver gifts to some of the neighborhood families.  Grandpa’s office wasn’t in the best part of the city.  That never phased my grandfather.  He saw each person as an individual not as poor, of different nationality or race.  They were families in need probably no different than he was coming from a family of 13 children.

I still feel the joy when I think of those days.  So too must my cousin who now runs my grandfather’s business with a team of people.  They’ve kept the tradition alive, as you can see.

Life Simplified: Christmas Joy at HGC in Cincinnati Ohio
photo credit: HGC, Cincinnati Ohio

Joy is Simple

Joy isn’t complicated.  It can be found in fairy tales, toys or even a bag of oranges.  What memories do you have of Christmas Joy?

I make space for joy every day of the year.

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