Creating Space

Creating Space
Weekend Clutter

Does your house collect stuff the way mine does?  Honestly I don’t know where it comes from, but I can have a perfectly clean house on Sunday and by Saturday (like today) I’m looking around at scattered papers, abandoned projects half completed and just stuff everywhere.  How does that happen?

Okay first let me preface this with, I do take things out and don’t always put them back.  I think I’m going to need to reference that book again, so behind me as we speak I must have 10 books stacked up that haven’t been opened since I originally brought them into the office.

Clogging Stuff

All of this stuff that doesn’t make it back to it’s home (or get thrown out) clogs your energy.  It fills the empty space blocking the flow of new ideas and activities. Think of a pipe. When there’s too much gunk clogging the pipe, things back up.  When the pipe is clear things flow smoothly.

That’s what happens in your space as well.  When there’s a lot of clutter, things get clogged up.  Do you notice how things don’t get done because they’re buried or you have a great idea, but when you sit down to work on it you feel overwhelmed.  That’s the clog.

Clearing Out

This weekend I’m making an effort to clean up my space again starting with my basement.  It’s the biggest clog of all.  It’s a big job, but I’m ready to allow things to flow again.

What clogs do you need to clear up so you can move forward?


Photo credit: via Flickr under creative commons license

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