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Be Grateful for Those Who Make You Happy

Be grateful for all who surround you and make you happy

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” — Marcel Proust

Act Without Expectation – Lao Tzu


Step Away From The Wheel

Life Simplified: Step Away from the Wheel

photo credit: nycstreets via flickr

I’m A Home Body

I confess I’m a home body.  After a busy week, there’s nothing like a couple days of nesting.  I love to cook scrumptious new recipes, bake golden desserts, write until my heart’s content and watch a couple sappy movies that ultimately make me cry.

This might not be your perfect day, but that’s not the point.  You know what re-energizes you.  Maybe it’s a football game, raking fall leaves or working on a craft-like project.  But in our 24/7 lives, we push what fills our bucket to the bottom of the list.

Are You On The Hamster Wheel?

It’s important to take time to do the things that make you feel whole again.  If you don’t life ends up feeling like you’re running in a hamster’s wheel.  When you’re in that state of mind even if you’re getting a lot done, you truly aren’t living.

This summer I wrote a couple posts about vacation and it revitalizing effect.  Well non-vacation time needs breaks as well.

Today if you get a chance, step off the wheel and focus on yourself for a while.  It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.  I look forward to hearing about your experience below or on Facebook.

St. Patrick’s Day Transformation

Life Simplified - St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic. ~ Adrienne Cook

Now that the days are longer and the sun is out, begin this St. Patrick’s Week to live the dreams you had during the winter.

Dreams come true through your actions.

Spring is all about action – birds singing, worms wiggling, and flowers blooming.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

When I was a kid

Life Simplified - When I was a kid...

When I was a kid I wanted to be an archeologist. I loved the whole dinosaur thing that is until I scared myself silly one time imagining that a dinosaur was in my backyard.

As I grew up, the notion of becoming an archeologist (or marine biologist) seemed to give way to more conventional ideas – advancing my career and business stuff.

What I loved about the idea of being an archeologist was the research, the history, the details and writing about what their world was like.

I still love those things whether they have to do with archeology or life. The difference is now I’m not following the path that everyone said is the way to go. Instead I’m tapping into these lost passions and bringing them (and myself) to life every day. Now instead of researching dinosaurs, I’m researching new ways for people to create meaningful lives or more learn about social media. I’m diving into those details and “ta da” I get to write about it.

So think back to when you were a kid and see what you loved to do. Are these part of you path today? If not ask yourself why.

Putting Your Mind To It

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

I’ve become very focused on my work lately.  I don’t know what is motivating me differently, but since right before vacation a switch flipped.  Every day I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see what the day brings.

When I say I’m focused, I’m not just talking about getting stuff done.  I’m talking about a shift in our brains.  Finding the place where we totally believe in something.  Where we see the picture as clear as day.  There’s no hesitation in our work because we know we’re heading in the right direction.

This type of focus leads to inspiration.  I can’t tell you how many new thoughts and ideas I’ve had since I’ve begun to focus in this way.  It’s as if the Universe said, okay you’re ready.  Here you go.  Sometimes I have to say enough for the moment just to get some rest.  Sometimes I feel possessed (like last night – who can sleep with this kind of energy!)

I’m reveling and marveling in this new found energy.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Craving Routine

It’s been a while.  First there was a wonderful vacation with family.  I’ll be writing a lot about that.  Then there was getting back and being inundated with work.  I feel like today is the first day I have back in my routine.

Isn’t it funny how we crave routine.  We want to know what to expect, yet life doesn’t work that way.  While on vacation, we lived moment to moment and amazing things were allowed to happen.  From finding an out of the way diner to visiting a theme park where we allowed ourselves to be surprised by over half of the rides, it made you feel alive.

Yet, I still craved this routine.  The singing of the birds.  My early morning yoga, coffee and writing.  There’s something calming about routine.

We definitely need a balance.  Without it we loose the creativity we need to move forward in our lives.  With it we have the “rest” we need between creative ventures to re-juice our batteries.  You’d think that vacation would do that, but no my friends, it is the daily small routines that allow us to rest while creating fantastic lives.

Here Comes Vacation!

Life Simplified Vacation Packing

Getting Ready For Vacation

It was an unusual July 4th weekend.  Instead of being on vacation this past weekend, we’ll be heading on vacation shortly.  That meant laundry, cleaning and work over the weekend.  Weird, but very productive because no one was around!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a last minute packer.  It stresses me out, but I can’t see packing my stuff days before.  My mother used to take over a spare bedroom and for at least 2 weeks before would be packing.  The day of, well, her suitcase had been packed for at least 24 or 48 hours!

I also go into this cleaning frenzy.  The house has to be clean and vacuumed, bed changed and kitchen cleaned up.  If I get to it, I’ll also get the office in shape.  So I suppose vacations are good for getting everything done at the same time.   I feat for me.

All of this helps me have a relaxing vacation.  What are your pre-vacation rituals?

Living Into Inspiration

What do you do when you are trying to follow your intuition and it clicks in when you can’t take action?

This was the hardest things about yesterday’s experiment.  I had a bunch of things floating into my head that I realized I couldn’t capture or take action on as they were coming in.

I suppose this is normal.  If we’re inspired by what we’re doing, it allows for the flow of other inspired thoughts.

Are we supposed to take action on every inspiration or every inspired thought?  This is an interesting question that I think I’ll live into today.

BTW this is at least day three of writing!

Intuition – An Experiment


Intuition - An Experiement

Challenging and enlightening day yesterday.  Don’t you love that combination.

I want to talk a bit about intuition (probably because I listened and didn’t listen to it yesterday with mixed results).  I’m lucky because I’ve learned over time and through my work to tap into this sense.  When I do, I magically glide into this other experience.  Things become easier, what I need shows up and life feels joyous.

But I get these notions all the time and don’t act on them.  The secret is as soon as you have the sense of something you are suppose to act on it.  When I don’t, they nag at me.  When I finally do, the result is not always perfect.

For the next 24 hours, I want to act on new intuitions as they occur and see what happens.  The worst thing is that nothing happens and tomorrow morning I’m in the same place.

This should be an interesting experiment.

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