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Start Today



Life never calms down long enough for us to wait until tomorrow to start living the lives we deserve. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Where Has Time Gone?

Here we are at the end of January.  Last week I found myself wondering where the month went. It seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new year.  Suddenly spring is in reaching distance.

Are you like me, telling yourself you will start that new book, lose weight, learn to paint, next week, next month, this summer?

Start Today

Well my friends, it is time to start today.  This is that moment you promised yourself months ago to start something you’ve always wanted.  Pushing it off another week is telling yourself you aren’t worth it…and you are.

There will always be something more important on the front burner, but you don’t want to get to an age where you regret the things you never did.  If the year is moving so quickly, you must take advantage of this moment right now to begin the life you deserve.

Take The First Step

Spend a few quiet moments this week imaging such a life. Imagine what it is filled with. I love to journal.  If you do to, write all those things down.  Now look at your schedule and begin planning in the first step.  If you want to learn to paint, maybe this week you go to the library and get a book on painting or sign up for a class or even go and buy the paints. Then plan your next step. It doesn’t have to be big to move you in the right direction.

Soon you will notice that time expands to meet your needs. I promise.

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The New Year’s Blessing



“The New Year’s bountiful blessing: three hundred sixty-five bright mornings and starlit evenings; fifty-two promising weeks; twelve transformative months full of beautiful possibilities; and four splendid seasons.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

A Personal New Year’s Day

It is so good to sit down and write this note to you after so many months, while watching the Patriot’s win the AFC Championship. It’s almost like, yes…this is the way things should be.

As anticipated, and as many of you know, the changes I knew would happen have come to pass.  Today my life, my family and even my home is not what it was prior to Thanksgiving. I entered a whole new world on January 1st. It’s like being reborn.

That is why I turned to my favorite new year quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s, Simple Abundance. It reminds me of the possibilities and wonder each day brings. It inspires me to stop and take a look at the moment, however joyous or sad it may be and celebrate.

This Week

Take a couple minutes and watch a sunrise, gaze at the stars, breath the fresh air and let yourself feel the refreshing energy of the new year.  If you set goals or resolutions on New Year’s day, re-look at them with these refreshed eyes.  Make the commitments that enhance your life, and celebrate this moment when you can take action.


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Rejoice In Your Abundance

Rejoice in what you have - Epictetus


Rejoice: He is a wise man who does not grieve for things he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. ~ Epictetus

Try Daily Gratitude

abundance and gratitude sara ban breathnaugh simple abundance


You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnaugh

Clear Out Your Priorities



I finally cleared my garden this weekend. It feels like yesterday when I carefully put in the baby tomato plants that now I pull out with vigor ready for Fall’s squash and apples.

As we grow older, our lives seem to move faster.  What I realized today, is the pace doesn’t change, our attention changes.  With age we become distracted.  Whether it is with the daily to do list, or the worries about family, friends and business, we seem to fritter away our precious minutes, thus time appears to move faster.

My tomato plants don’t mourn that it is fall.  They don’t bemoan the upcoming winter season.  Instead they continue to cherish each ray of sunlight and rain drop until it is time to sleep.

We give so much of our time…ourselves away every day.  We over commit.  We push through.  We forget to cherish the sunlight, golden trees and even the rain.

After a day in the garden my priorities seem sorted once again.  Although I’m sure tomorrow I will feel sore, my garden brought me back to the present.  It felt more like two or three days instead of one.

This week notice what brings you into the present.  Is it spending time with your kids?  Is it cooking a fabulous meal in the middle of the week?  Is it walking through the woods?  Whatever it is, note it and remind yourself to go back there often.  You can recapture and slow time once you move into the present.

I’m off to make tomato jam (one of my newest discoveries this summer).  Enjoy your week!

Less is More


Seeds of Wisdom

Life Simplified - Seeds of Wisdom

photo credit: h-k-d via flickr

…become aware that you already posses all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make your dreams come true. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

A Packet Of Seeds

I was a t the local garden center the other day and they had tons of seeds and bulbs.  I got all excited and bought some herb seeds.  Spring is on it’s way.

When I got home, I dug out my planters from last year, filled them with potting soil, sprinkled the seeds over top and watered them.

Then I walked away.

Seeds Are So Smart

I didn’t go back and push and prod the seeds to grow faster.  I didn’t dig them up and put them in “better” soil.  Nope.  Just let them do their thing.  They’ve got it all figured out.

It’s the same with us.  You have all you need to achieve your dreams within you.

Don’t Wait for Change…Create Change

Cliche, I know, but true.  That’s what Sarah is reminding us of today.  Instead of waiting for some external force to create change, why not choose to change in the direction of your dreams.

Many people come to me when they are in transition caused by an outside source.  They are scared and confused.  The work we do together allows them to tap into the wealth of knowledge they have within.  They tap into those seed dreams and start to water them.  With time a patience they sprout new leaves and branches they never knew they had before.

It’s scary to admit to yourself that you have the power to make whatever you desire come to pass.  As Sarah talks about today, you can become complacent and let external forces create the change in your life or you can take back the reins and drive your life.

I’ve come to choose the later.  How about you?


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The Renewal of Autumn

Life Simplified An Autumn Renewalphoto credit: Scooter the Photographer via photo pin cc

Shhh…I have a secret to share…

When I lived in Seattle, I discovered a little known secret outside Washington State.  It doesn’t rain in the summer!

Summers are beautiful, dry, about 70 degrees and, get this, not many people have screens in their windows because bugs disappear.  The dry weather withers lawns.  Non-sun loving plants hibernate waiting until the rains return.

Fall + Rain = Renewal

By the time it rains in the fall, Mother Nature is ready for it.  The rain brings about a rebirth.  Grass becomes green again.  Plants wiggle their roots and grow again.  You can almost hear a sigh from the dry ground as it welcomes the rain.

The renewal wasn’t just in the backyard.  Seattleites, as much as they complained about the rain, also welcome it.  After a week or so, they began to look as refreshed as the garden.

Being raised in New England, I’d never equated Fall with renewal.  In the Northeast, September/October represents a slowing down of things.  The bounty of tomatoes and zucchini ends, apples ripen, and everyone waits for the tress to burst into color.

Bringing A Little Seattle To Boston

I’m back in the Northeast.  Living in a different climate, changed me, however.  I now look forward to a renewal in the Fall.  The cooler nights inspire me to shake off the cobwebs of the lazy days of August.  Back in June, planning for the balance of the year felt like a chore.  Now, after the slower pace of the summer, I’m ready to get started.

Autumnal resolutions don’t require horns, confetti and champagne.  September resolutions ask only that we be open to positive change. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance.

It’s Raining.  I’m Smiling.

While it rains this Fall, I’ll be wiggling my own roots and stretching my branches with a smile on my face end of year resolutions in firmly in hand.

How do you renew in the Fall?  Do you make September resolutions?  Let me know what you do in the comments below.

Taming The Shoulds

Life Simplified: A Day Without Plansphoto credit: 416style via photo pin cc

A Day Without Plans

Plans keep my brain occupied, but like you, I need time off.  On days without plans, I putter around first on the computer, then in the kitchen, and finally around the house.   When I start to feel a little aimless, the Shoulds come to visit.

Shoulds Make Unwelcome House Guests

I dislike the Shoulds.  They are unwelcome house guests.  They take the fun out of everything.

The Shoulds make me feel guilty.  They love that.  The guiltier I feel, the louder they talk.  It’s a relentless circle.

Take this weekend for example.  I took an entire day off.  I needed it, but the Shoulds didn’t leave me alone.  They reminded me I needed to cook, clean, make my bed and do laundry.  When I sat down to read my book, they needled me so I was popping up every 15 minutes to do another odd job.

Where Do Shoulds  Come From?

I have a theory.  They are homeless thoughts looking for vacant spaces in your brain where they can take up residency.  Once moved in, they spread out like weeds inviting their friends to come hang out in their new pad.

Friends of the Shoulds are the Coulds and Woulds.  When they all get together, it’s a party.  They shout, dance, and generally make a mess of what was once a calm brain.

Time To Take Control

It’s time we took a stand.  Just because the Shoulds have a lot of friends, doesn’t mean they can take over whenever we relax.

Here’s some tactics I’ve used to keep the Shoulds at bay:

  1. When a Should makes a suggestion, say something like, “That’s nice.  Thank you for the suggestion, I’m going back to my book now.”
  2. If it’s an insistent Should, look at your day,week or month and put it down at a specific day and time.
  3. If it’s a repeating Should, ask where did that come from.  Do a little journaling to see if it fits in your life or is a ghost of the past.

Finally if all else fails, take a nap.  Let your subconscious deal with those little buggers.  It will calmly tell them to quiet down so you can rest.  When you wake up, you’ll find them much quieter if not gone.

How do you corral your Shoulds?  Love to know.

One Step At A Time

Dream Big. Act Today

photo credit: daedalust via flickr

Vacation Planning

I love planning for vacations.  This year I’m heading to Seattle, Michigan and possibly Ohio to visit family.

My sister and I talk about getting the “vacation feeling.”  You know what that is.  It’s the butterflies in your stomach when you think about your vacation.   As much as I love to dream about vacation, there comes a time when you have to commit.  Booking the flight can paralyze me.

The Doubts and Shoulds

As soon as I sit at my computer, all the “shoulds” come up.  I should take care of this and that before I go.  I should only go for 4 days because I have so much work to do.  Should I plan to go in the spring or fall?  What if I can’t get a good price, should I wait?  Should I take my computer and work or not?

The decision becomes even more complicated when the “doubts” show up to keep the “shoulds” company.  Can I afford it?  What will happen to the business when I’m gone?  I can’t go now, how about after that big project.  The internal dialogue is exhausting.

This can happen in your business as well.

Ever been faced with a great business opportunity or a breakthrough idea?  It meant taking the leap of faith, but it would be huge for your business.  Then the debate begins.

They’re Back.

Doubts and shoulds start to confuse the situation.  When the opportunity presented itself, you felt excited.  After a few moments with Doubt and Should, you’re not so sure.  Where do these guys come from?

They stem from your logical brain trying to make sense of the unknown.  Just like planning for vacation, your logical brain wants to fill in the gaps.  It wants black and white answers to the questions.  It doesn’t do well with grey.

One Step At A Time

There’s a lot of wisdom in that saying.  When you take things one step at a time, one day at a time, one decision at a time, you can move toward the business opportunity.  When you focus on all the stuff that has to happen, could go wrong, people who need to be involved, you’ll end up like me frozen staring at my computer trying to pick a flight for my next vacation.

Taking one step at a time allows you to keep the end result in mind.  It actually helps if you do.  But instead of getting overwhelmed, it keeps you focused.

Louise Hay author and founder of Hay House Publishing talks about her journey to creating Hay House.  It’s started with an idea for a small pamphlet to sell to metaphysical churches.  In her movie, You Can Heal Your Life she tells the story of how her and her 90 year old mother would do what was in front of them every day.  In time those small steps led to an international publishing company, internet radio station and the Hay Foundation.  If back in 1984, Louise tried to focus on all of this, I’m sure Doubt and Should would have created chaos.

Dream Big.  Act Today.

So dream big.  Whether it’s your next business move or vacation, think about the end result.  Then focus on just want you can get done today.  Focus on what’s in front of you, what’s presented to you.

Do any of you have a story when this worked for you?  Go ahead and share below.

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