Craving Routine

It’s been a while.  First there was a wonderful vacation with family.  I’ll be writing a lot about that.  Then there was getting back and being inundated with work.  I feel like today is the first day I have back in my routine.

Isn’t it funny how we crave routine.  We want to know what to expect, yet life doesn’t work that way.  While on vacation, we lived moment to moment and amazing things were allowed to happen.  From finding an out of the way diner to visiting a theme park where we allowed ourselves to be surprised by over half of the rides, it made you feel alive.

Yet, I still craved this routine.  The singing of the birds.  My early morning yoga, coffee and writing.  There’s something calming about routine.

We definitely need a balance.  Without it we loose the creativity we need to move forward in our lives.  With it we have the “rest” we need between creative ventures to re-juice our batteries.  You’d think that vacation would do that, but no my friends, it is the daily small routines that allow us to rest while creating fantastic lives.

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