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Is SEO Magic?
seo magic

Is #seo Magic? SEO (search engine optimization) seems like magic to most business owners.  They don’t understand it, but love when they are the top of page one in a Google search. For many it’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a top hat.  You don’t understand it, but are amazed at the

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Why We Stopped Focusing on Direct Social Media ROI | Social Media Today
social media ROI myth

Social Media ROI There’s also the higher-level view of entering social media ROI from the right perspective. Gary Vaynerchuk has some interesting ideas on this.He challenges the traditional, linear view of ROI as a universal benchmark…   Check out the full article here: This is a great in depth look at social media ROI and

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Seven Ways To Enjoy Vacation As A Small Business Owner
Business Owners Vacation

Vacation: A Dirty Word For most small business owners, vacation is a dirty word.  “How can you take time away from your business?” they ask me.  “Aren’t you afraid something will happen?” Business owners, like anyone, need time away.  The adrenaline rush is very addictive, however.  One of the purposes of vacation is to decompress. 

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What’s Been Going On In Facebook? | LS Business Solutions

Check out some latest articles about Facebook Now You Can Edit Posts From Facebook’s Pages Manager App. Great news for those of you using your Pages App to manage your page on the run.  There’s easier access to tools, quicker navigation and easier posting.   Facebook Adjusts News Feed Algorithm to Serve People More Relevant

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